Our environmental statement

At Thistle Chauffeur Services we understand that we have a responsibility for our planet and that our operations have a local, regional and global impact. We are committed to promoting the conservation of natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and continuously improving our environmental performance.

We believe in operating efficiently to minimise the amount of resource we require to provide a first class service. We also know that there is a strong link between better environmental performance and great levels of environmental sustainability. For this reason we are focussed on using environmentally efficient transport and on finding ways to minimise our requirement for water, energy and waste to landfill.

Transport – Sustainable transport is about reducing the environmental impact by using various methods including selecting efficient vehicles, maximising fuel economy and emissions though good driving and efficient route planning. All of our vehicles are serviced by manufacturer-trained technicians, using genuine parts and approved lubricants to ensure continued operational efficiency. Both Mercedes Benz and Audi are committed to manufacturing luxury cars with the lowest CO2 emissions possible with current technology. Our Mercedes-Benz saloon cars are the latest “Blue Efficiency” engines and depending on the model can have over 40 and 50 miles to the gallon. Our Audi cars were voted Britain’s greenest luxury car.

Our drivers are also encouraged to use methods of operation to deliver environmental improvements, including: smooth driving at all times, correct use of gears, parking to enable easier “move aways” and correct tyre pressures and proper route planning.

Water – Water usage is measured by meter at our premises and monitored to ensure maximum efficiency for minimum consumption for all requirements.

Energy – Electricity at our office and garage is measured and managed to ensure minimum waste.

Waste to landfill – All recyclable materials such as paper, plastic and metals are recovered, collected and sent for recycling by Glasgow City Council.

We are continually seeking new ways to reduce consumption, improve efficiency and minimise environmental impact for the good of all, now and in the future.